img022  Walt Disney World: Preview Edition Publication


img143  Eyes and Ears of Walt Disney World Resort Opening Publication

img164  Gulf Oil Walt Disney World Road Map

img905  Signed Walt Disney World Opening Day Press Photo

Story1  The Story of Walt Disney World

img344  Walt Disney Comics Digest Special Issue

img497  Walt Disney World & You Pre-Opening Cast-Member Publication

MKNewsFinal  Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Grand Opening Newspaper

MKMap71  Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Souvenir Map

img149  Walt Disney World Opening Day Ticket Book

Life1  Walt Disney World Opening LIFE Magazine Cover Story

Look71_9  Walt Disney World Preview LOOK Magazine Cover Story

img489  Walt Disney World Vacationland Inaugural Edition


img494  Fort Wilderness Reservation Confirmation Letter

img095  Walt Disney World Coloring Book

img170  Walt Disney World Information Guide 

img189  Walt Disney World Parking Ticket

img187  Walt Disney World Summer Promotional Flyer


Eastern Production Drawing  Walt Disney World Eastern Air Lines Promotional Materials


img827  A Pictorial Souvenir of Walt Disney World

img459.jpg  Walt Disney World Holiday Fantasy Brochure

WDWNewsDec1973_1  Walt Disney World News: December


img171  Walt Disney World Treasure Island Map and Ticket

Pirates Souvenir Book  X. Atencio Signed Pirates of the Caribbean Souvenir Book


img867  A Pictorial Souvenir of Walt Disney World

img154  Your Complete Guide to Walt Disney World


img776  Your Complete Guide to Walt Disney World


img017  Disney University Cast Opinion Poll

img190  Eyes and Ears EPCOT Center Opening Announcement


img455  River Country Press Photo


img990  Cast Member Training Completion Certificate

img460  Eastern Air Lines Walt Disney World Resort Brochure

img796  Your Guide to the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom


img212  EPCOT Center Pre-Opening Brochure


img348  EPCOT Center Grand Opening Press Photo

img131  EPCOT Center Opening-Day Commemorative Ticket Stub

img194  EPCOT Center Opening-Day Dial-Guide

img200  EPCOT Center Pre-Opening Promotional Poster


img214  EPCOT Center Guide Book

img141  Your Guide to the Magic Kingdom


img225  EPCOT Center Guide Book

img026  Walt Disney World: A Pictorial Souvenir

img515  Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Guidebook

img462  Walt Disney World Resort Welcome Brochure


img350  Captain EO Blast-Off Flyer

img464 - Copy  Walt Disney World 15th Anniversary Brochure

img465  Walt Disney World Discover Guide

img526  Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Guide Book


img237  EPCOT Center Guide Book

img991  Walt Disney World 15th Anniversary Giveaway Winning Ticket

img538  Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Guide Book 

img468  Walt Disney World Resort Welcome Brochure


img943  A Pictorial Souvenir of Walt Disney World

img251  EPCOT Center Guide Book

img377  Disney-MGM Studios Guide Book

img401  Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Press Release

img550  Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Guide Book

WDWNewsFall1989_1  Walt Disney World News: Fall

img405  Walt Disney World Resort “Happy July 4th” Card

img471  Walt Disney World Resort Vacation Handbook


img411  Disney-MGM Studios Entertainment Program

img389  Disney-MGM Studios Guide Book

img448  Disney-MGM Studios Promotional Brochure

img505  Disney News: Summer

img267  Epcot Center Guide Book

img044_edited  Tony Baxter Figment Sketch and Comic Books

img510 (2)  Walt Disney World Informational Brochure

img562  Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Guide Book


img412  Disney-MGM Studios Times Guide

EPCOT Entertainment 2 (2)  EPCOT Center Entertainment Program

Entertainment1991_2 (3)  Magic Kingdom Entertainment Show Schedule

img498  Walt Disney World Informational Brochure


img884  Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Guidebook

img576  Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Guide Map


img413  Disney-MGM Studios Guide Map

MGMShowTimes2 (2)  Disney-MGM Studios Times Guide

Contemp  Disney’s Contemporary Resort Guest I.D. Card

img590  EPCOT Center World of Motion Souvenir Brochure

img403  EPCOT Center World Showcase International Coins Collection

img611  Oldsmobile Scramble Golf Tournament Admission Badge

img490  Walt Disney World Magic Linkdom Golf Brochure

img560 (2)  Walt Disney World Times and Information Guide

img546 (2)  Walt Disney World Vacation Planner


Tot_edit  Walt Disney World Tower of Terror Commemorative Ticket

img140  Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Guide Map


img604  American Express White Glove Treatment Promotional Package

img584 (2)  Disney Village Marketplace Guide Map

img352  Disney’s Wild Animal Kingdom Cast Fast Facts Card

Eyes1  Eyes & Ears Animal Kingdom Opening Announcement

img588 (2)  Walt Disney World After the Parks Brochure

img619  Walt Disney World Information Bulletin

img601  Walt Disney World Resort Map

Transp2 (2)  Walt Disney World Transportation Guides

img564 (2)  Walt Disney World Vacations Brochure


img665  25th Anniversary Welcome Center Collection

CC2  Disney Credit Card Application

img451  Disney-MGM Studios Guide Map: 1/21-1/27

img452  Disney-MGM Studios Guide Map: 1/28-2/2

img453  Disney-MGM Studios Guide Map: 12/31

img691 (2)  Disney-MGM Studios Informational Brochure

img640  Dixie Landings Resort Guest Information Package

img648 (2)  Epcot Guide Map: 1/21-1/27

img649  Epcot Guide Map: 1/28-2/3

img675 (2)  Epcot Informational Brochure

img650  Indy 200 Welcome Flyer

img644  Magic Kingdom Club Admission and Parking Tickets

img581 Magic Kingdom Guide Map: 1/22-1/27

img591  Magic Kingdom Guide Map: 1/28-2/3

img586  Magic Kingdom Guide Map: 12/31

img630  Mickey-and-Minnie-Mouse-Print Napkin and Shopping Bag

img715  Planet Hollywood Flyer and Price List

img642  Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Postcard and Napkin

25  Walt Disney World 25th Anniversary Newspaper

img631  Walt Disney World Admission and Parking Tickets

img667 (2)  Walt Disney World Beyond the Parks Guide

img625  Walt Disney World Ticket Flyer

img711 (2)  Walt Disney World Holiday Times and Information Guide

Times2 (2)  Walt Disney World Times and Events Guide

img652 (2)  Walt Disney World Water Adventures Guide


img454  Disney-MGM Studios Guide Map: 10/8-10/12

img726 (3)  Downtown Disney Information Guide

img593  Magic Kingdom Guide Map: 10/6-10/12 

25  Walt Disney World 25th Anniversary Newspaper

img734 (2)  Wide World of Sports Information Guides


DAK Guide_1  A Guide to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Newspaper Supplement

img985  Animal Kingdom Sneak Preview Coupon

img613 (2)  Disney Institute Brochure

DAKMap_4  Disney’s Animal Kingdom Adventurer’s Guide: Opening Day

img795  Disney’s Animal Kingdom Adventurer’s Guide: 9/14-9/20

img811  Disney’s Animal Kingdom Grand Opening VIP Guest Badge

img754  DisneyQuest Cast Opening Invitation

DAKE&E_1  Eyes & Ears Animal Kingdom Opening

TW  Travel Weekly Animal Kingdom Opening Cover Story

img815  Walt Disney World Insider: Spring 

img819  Walt Disney World Insider: Fall


DeadMen1  “Dead Men Tell No Tales” Pirates of the Caribbean Souvenir Parchment

img455  Disney-MGM Studios Guide Map: 9/30-10/9

img742 (2)  Epcot Guide Map: 10/4-10/10

img600  Magic Kingdom Guide Map: 9/27-10/3 

img601  Magic Kingdom Guide Map: 10/4-10/10

img813  Walt Disney World Admission Ticket


Everest  Eyes & Ears Expedition Everest Grand Opening


Duffy  Eyes & Ears Duffy Introduction Issue


img848  Eyes & Ears Redesign Premiere Issue

chart  Walt Disney World Attraction Height Chart


img181  Haunted Mansion Parts Labels and Order Form


img250  Haunted Mansion Signed Print


Poster  Walt Disney World Attraction Poster Art Set


img974  Jane Goodall Signed Animal Kingdom Print

Atencio Poster 1  X. Atencio Signed Walt Disney World Attraction Posters


img488_edited  Country Bear Jamboree Signed Prints