Signed Walt Disney Archives Brochure (1992)

A signed memento from the founder of the Disney Archives.

Fantasia Souvenir Program (1940)

An artistic masterpiece well ahead of its time.

Floyd Norman Disney Artwork (2015)

Original artwork from Disney's first African-American animator.

X. Atencio Signed Walt Disney World Attraction Posters (2016)

An Imagineering legend goes three-for-three.

Walt Disney Productions Johnny Tremain Letter (1957)

A Johnny Tremain fan mail request from a real-life silversmith.

Walt Disney Studio Library Magazine (The Studio: July 1955)

Animator reference material from the Walt Disney Studio Library.

Walt Disney Studios Christmas Card (1966)

Walt Disney's final studio Christmas card.

Hazel George Burbank Symphony Association Membership Card (1982)

A unique memento belonging to Walt's most trusted employee.

Walt Disney Studio Library Magazine (Natural History: February 1952)

A magazine from the studio library checked out by Walt Disney himself.

Walt Disney Studio Office Memo (1950)

"Corkscrews for Walt" informal office memo capturing Uncle Walt's desire for a little French culture.