Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Lithograph Test Print (1937)

This was an early test print of the mass-produced lithographs that would later be sent out by the studio in response to Snow White fan mail. This test print (done on drawing paper, complete with ink drops, rather than the later card stock, and minus the production stamp) was personally gifted to Disney cousin Rilla Hussey of Ellis, Kansas, by Walt himself.


Walt Disney World Coloring Book (1972)

A narrative coloring-book journey through the newly-opened resort.

Masks of the Seven Dwarfs and Snow White (1938)

A novelty book inspired by Disney's first full-length animated feature.

New Fantasyland Expansion Flyer (1982)

Walt's vision is realized...twenty-eight years later.

Marge Champion Signed Photograph (2016)

The young actress (turned Hollywood legend) behind Disney's first princess.

Your Guide to Disneyland Bank of America Brochure Map (1956)

An early collectible map from one of the park's biggest sponsors.

Your Guide to Disneyland Bank of America Brochure Map (1955)

A first-year map from the bank on Main Street.