Kathryn Beaumont Signed Alice in Wonderland Print (2017)

This black-and-white print has been hand-signed by Disney Legend Kathryn Beaumont, who provided the voice of the female leads in two of Walt Disney's classic animated features: Alice in Alice in Wonderland (1951) and Wendy in Peter Pan (1953).

New Fantasyland Expansion Flyer (1982)

Walt's vision is realized...twenty-eight years later.

Disneyland’s Happiest Show on Earth Entertainment Guide (1961)

A comprehensive look at Disneyland's entertainment offerings.

Rolly Crump Haunted Mansion Drawing (2015)

Artwork inspired by one of this Disney Legend's signature attractions.

Signed Disneyland Mad Tea Party Print (2014)

Spinning tea-cups and the girl who started it all.

Walt Disney Studio Library Magazine (The Studio: October 1952)

Four Disney Legends in two years...not bad.

Walt Disney Studio Library Magazine (The Studio: June 1955)

Reading material for a Disney Legend.

Wolfgang Reitherman Production Drawing (1937)

A Goofy-sketch in the hand of one of Disney's Nine Old Men.

Walt Disney Studio Library Magazine (The Studio: July 1955)

Animator reference material from the Walt Disney Studio Library.

Walt Disney Studio Library Magazine (Natural History: February 1952)

A magazine from the studio library checked out by Walt Disney himself.