Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Lithograph Test Print (1937)

This was an early test print of the mass-produced lithographs that would later be sent out by the studio in response to Snow White fan mail. This test print (done on drawing paper, complete with ink drops, rather than the later card stock, and minus the production stamp) was personally gifted to Disney cousin Rilla Hussey of Ellis, Kansas, by Walt himself.


Walt Disney Productions Decal (1960s)

From the collection of a 46-year studio employee.

Wolfgang Reitherman Production Drawing (1937)

A Goofy-sketch in the hand of one of Disney's Nine Old Men.

Walt Disney Studio Office Memo (1950)

"Corkscrews for Walt" informal office memo capturing Uncle Walt's desire for a little French culture.

Walt Disney Studios Employee Application and Informational Booklet (1938)

NOW HIRING: Walt Disney Studios--Apply Within!

The Mousetrap Limited Edition Facsimile (1937/1975)

A rarely seen in-house magazine from the Walt Disney Studios...made by the animators, for the animators.