TWA Rocket to the Moon Lunar Flight Certificate (1956)

My friends went to the moon, and all they brought me was this lousy certificate.

Your Guide to Disneyland Bank of America Brochure Map (1955)

A first-year map from the bank on Main Street.

A Glorious Day at Disneyland Child’s Gift Pack (1956)

An early promotional giveaway from a local Southern California business.

Disneyland Souvenir Picture Book (1955)

Disneyland "In Natural Color!"

First Disneyland Guidebook (1955)

The park's opening-day guidebook...minus the pictures.

Disneyland Souvenir Letter (1955)

A "handwritten" souvenir from the early days of Disneyland.

Autographed Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough Guide (1957)

An early park souvenir, signed by Disney royalty.

X. Atencio Signed Pirates of the Caribbean Souvenir Book (1974)

A vintage Pirates souvenir, signed by the man behind the second-catchiest theme song in the parks.

Disneyland “Acres of Fun” Souvenir Fan (1955)

A classic souvenir from Disneyland's opening year.