X Atencio 
Requiescat Francis Xavier
No time off for good behavior R.I.P.


Dave Burkhart 
Dear Departed Brother Dave
He Chased a Bear into A Cave


Claude Coats

At Peaceful Rest Lies Brother Claude
Planted Here Beneath This Sod


Marc Davis 
In memory of our Patriarch
Dear Departed Grandpa Marc


Yale Gracey 
Master Gracey Laid to Rest
No Mourning Please, at His Request. Farewell


Bill Martin 
Here Lies A Man Named Martin
The Lights Went Out on this Old Spartan


Chuck Myall 
R.I.P., in memoriam Uncle Myall,
Here you’ll lie for quite a while


Bob Sewell 
R.I.P. Mister Sewell
The victim of a dirty duel, Peaceful rest