Disneyland Anniversary Guide Map/Book Collection (1955-Present)

Anniversary (July 17) Guide Maps/Books from All Significant Park Milestones (Opening Day, 5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50/55/60-Year) July 17, 1955 July 17, 1960 July 17, 1965 July 17, 1970 July 17, 1975 July 17, 1980 July 17, 1985 July 17, 1990 July 17, 1995 July 17, 2000 July 17, 2005 July 17, 2010 July 17, 2015  

Disney News: Spring 1982

The Disney News was published (under various titles) from December 1965 - April 2005. It served as the official publication for members of the Magic Kingdom Club. This Spring 1982 issue features Disneyland costumed characters from the animated film Robin Hood, in celebration of its re-release in theaters nationwide.

Joe Hale Signature Card (2017)

Joe Hale joined the Walt Disney Studios in 1951, as part of their animator training program. For more than three decades, he worked as an animator and layout artist on such films as Lady and the Tramp, Sleeping Beauty, Mary Poppins, Pete's Dragon, and produced 1985's The Black Cauldron. He also contributed to Academy-Award-winning shorts, It's Tough to Be a Bird and Toot, … Continue reading Joe Hale Signature Card (2017)

Walt Disney Company Christmas Card (1981)

The company Christmas card has been a tradition since 1930 when Mickey Mouse graced the first iteration. Pictured here is the 1981 version, issued by President Ron Miller (Walt Disney's son-in-law) and featuring a cast of Disney favorites including the stars of that year's animated-feature release The Fox and the Hound.