Oswald Rabbit 8mm Cartoon Reels (1937)

These souvenir 8mm cartoon reels, for use with one’s own home projection system, were produced a decade after Walt Disney’s Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was taken over by Charles Mintz and Winkler Pictures and include the titles, Bo Peep’s Sheep and Oswald the Hunter. Mintz himself was ousted by distributor Universal Pictures after only a couple years at the helm and Walter Lantz (eventual animation legend and Woody Woodpecker creator) named producer. Lantz made sure to receive Disney’s blessing before assuming the role. He received it, and the two became lifelong friends. Oswald went on to appear in numerous shorts and comics through the 1930-40s and remained under Universal’s control all the way until 2006, when Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger negotiated a deal that brought the rights to the character, as well as the twenty-six shorts created by Disney, back home.


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