Bob Givens Signature Page (2017)

This Q&A/signature page represents a unique collectible from a man involved in some of the most memorable moments in animation history. Givens came to work at the Walt Disney Animation Studios at the dawn of the Golden Age of Animation. Here, he assisted on a number of short subjects before being assigned to production of the groundbreaking feature Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. He eventually left Disney for Warner Bros., where he is most known for creating the first official design for the studio’s most famous character, Bugs Bunny. During World War II, he assisted legendary animator Rudolf Ising in the creation of military training films. In the years that followed, he would complete work for some of the most influential studios in the industry, including Hannah-Barbera (Quick Draw McGrawAuggie Doggie), UPA (Mr. Magoo), Jack Kinney Productions (Popeye the Sailor), DePatie-Freleng Enterprises (Tom and Jerry), Film Roman (Garfield and Friends, Bobby’s World), and others.


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