Disneyland Guide: Summer (1975)

This Summer 1975 Your Guide to Disneyland booklet was distributed complimentary to park guests from mid-June to early-September. This is the first of the pocket guides not sponsored by INA (Insurance Company of North America), as their sponsorship had ended a few months prior. The INA-run “Carefree Corner” would be known simply as the Hospitality Center for the next decade.

The 29-page guide contains a comprehensive look at park services, attractions, dining, shopping, entertainment, and exhibits. The “America on Parade” bicentennial celebrations were already underway in 1975. Other than these festivities, which kicked off in June, no other major additions are reflected in the publication.

This 1975 version of INA’s Your Guide to Disneyland provides a detailed look at a typical day in the “Happiest Place on Earth,” exactly twenty years after the park’s opening.

VALUE: $15


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