Celebration, Florida Information Package (1996)

This set of guidebook, brochure, and flyer provide information on the Walt-Disney-Company-developed community of Celebration, Florida. These publications from late-1996 and early-1997 are some of the earliest to emerge from the community, as residential development had begun only a few months prior. Though Disney has since divested most of their control of the community in the years since, per their original intent, more than seven thousand residents continue to populate the master-planned, early-twentieth-century-style, “traditional” all-American hometown.

The eighteen-page guidebook provides an architectural walking tour of the community, complete with stops (featuring text and images) of all structures in Downtown Celebration. The four-panel brochure offers a map and key of the same area, while the flyer lists base prices, locations, style, and availability of estate lots and homes—ranging anywhere from $124,000 for a lot on Golfpark Drive to $1.1 million for a Downing Hall-Colonial Revival home.


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