Walt Disney’s Guide to Disneyland (1962)


This 1962 edition of the Disneyland “souvenir guide book” features a twenty-seven-page, color-photo tour through the five lands of the Magic Kingdom.

The cover photo remains the same as the previous year’s guide, though formatted differently and paired with slightly-altered artwork and title fonts. Furthermore, a yellow color scheme has been adopted (though the red would make its return in 1963).

Other than the addition of new park offerings, which include the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse and Big Game Safari shooting gallery in Adventureland, the text and photos throughout remain largely unchanged. Updates to the “Dreaming” section, now titled “Coming Attractions,” include the absence of the aforementioned Tree House (as it was listed in the ’61 version), as well as the Rogue’s Gallery—the original walk-through concept that would later become Pirates of the Caribbean. The Haunted Mansion and Old New Orleans Square remain.


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