EPCOT Center Guide Book (1984)

This 1984 “main-gate” guide book and map, sponsored by Kodak, provides a comprehensive overview of the park’s attraction, dining, and shopping offerings, as well as a rundown of basic guest-service information.

This is the second of the traditional-style park maps (non-dial-guide) and features a very slight cover-photo change (though still of Spaceship Earth) from the 1983 edition. Content changes include the following:



Backstage Magic: Future World, Communicore East (Attractions)


Tomorrow’s Harvest Tour: Future World, The Land (Attractions)


America Gardens Theatre: World Showcase, The American Adventure (Attractions)


Treasures of the Forbidden City: World Showcase, China (Attractions)


Bijutsu-Kan: World Showcase, Japan (Attractions)


MOROCCO: World Showcase (Pavilion)

  • Gallery of Arts and History: A Collection of Moroccan Art (Attractions)
  • Fez House (Attractions)
  • Tourism Information (Attractions)
  • Medina Arts (Attractions)
  • Restaurant Marrakesh (Restaurants)
  • Tangier Traders Clothing & Leatherwork (Shops)
  • Jewels of the Sahara (Shops)
  • Casablanca Carpets (Shops)
  • Meknes Potters (Shops)
  • Kasbah Woodcrafts (Shops)
  • The Brass Bazaar (Shops)
  • Marketplace in the Medina (Shops)

Bistro de Paris: World Showcase, France (Restaurants)




Liu Yin Ge: World Showcase, China (Attractions)


Living Gifts of Japan: World Showcase, Japan (Attractions)


Boulangerie Patisserie: World Showcase, France (Restaurants)




Magic Journeys to Magic Eye Theater: Future World, Journey into Imagination (Attractions)


Symbiosis to Harvest Theater: Future World, The Land (Attractions)


Pre-Columbian Art of Mexico to Mayan Art of Mexico: World Showcase, Mexico (Attractions)


Biscuit Barrel to Country Manor: World Showcase, United Kingdom (Shops)

VALUE: $10


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