EPCOT Center Guide Book (1983)

This 1983 “main-gate” guide book and map, sponsored by Kodak, provides a comprehensive overview of the park’s attraction, dining, and shopping offerings, as well as a rundown of basic guest-service information.

This was the first traditional-style park map after the debut and second-edition dial-guide versions of 1982 and mid-1983. This edition marks the first instance of FutureCom, Epcot Outreach, and the Teachers’ Center being listed individually as Communicore West attractions. Furthermore, Horizons, which opened its doors on the park’s one-year anniversary, makes its guide-book debut. In World Showcase, Pre-Columbian Art of Mexico is now listed as an attraction in the Mexico pavilion, as is Liu Yin Ge in China, and Living Gifts of Japan in Japan. Italy’s Fine Leather Goods has been re-branded i santi, as has the United Kingdom’s Stratford House to Biscuit Barrel. Also, the Morocco pavilion is mentioned for the first time as opening Fall 1984.

VALUE: $10


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