Disneyland Ticket Book Flyer (1969)

This six-paneled ticket-book flyer, entitled “Two Wonderful Ways to Enjoy Disneyland,” provides information to park guests on available ticketing options, as well as guided tours, operating hours, and entertainment offerings.

The first “wonderful way” to enjoy the park is through a two-hour personally guided tour, at the price of $6.50 for adults, $3.50 for children, as explained in the flyer’s interior, the second being either the “Big 10” or “Deluxe 15” ticket book, priced as follows.

THE BIG 10 TICKET BOOK (Includes admission to the Park and to 10 Disneyland attractions)


ADULT…($8.60 VALUE)…PRICE $4.75


JUNIOR…($7.95 VALUE)…PRICE $4.25


CHILD…($5.90 VALUE)…PRICE $3.75


THE DELUXE 15 TICKET BOOK (Includes admission to the Park and to 15 Disneyland attractions)


ADULT…($11.30 VALUE)…PRICE $5.75


JUNIOR…($10.65 VALUE)…PRICE $5.25


CHILD…($8.40 VALUE)…PRICE $4.75

The Disneyland ticket book was just over halfway through its lifespan in 1969. Begun in October 1955, the system would be completely phased out by the early 1980s.

This flyer, printed in May 1969, goes on to give the park’s operating hours through the summer and into the first week of September, as well as provide a rundown of upcoming entertainment options in the panel entitled “Disneyland after Dark.”

VALUE: $10-$15


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