A Pictorial Souvenir of Walt Disney World (1975)

This 1975 edition of the Walt Disney World “souvenir guide book” features a thirty-six-page, color-photo tour through the many facets of the Florida resort.

This is the fourth version of this title, which debuted in 1972. In terms of guidebooks, 1970’s Walt Disney World: Preview Edition and 1971’s The Story of Walt Disney World: Commemorative Edition preceded, but the Pictorial Souvenir didn’t begin until the park’s second year (first full year).

The cover photo and illustrations are consistent with the previous year’s guide. Additions include the Space Mountain and Carousel of Progress attractions in Tomorrowland, as well as the property’s Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village (today’s Disney Springs). considering the park itself remained largely the same between its second and third years of operation.

The guide begins with an overview of the resort, before honing in on each of the Magic Kingdom’s six lands, followed by a look at the property’s four resort hotels and available recreational and shopping opportunities.

VALUE: $10-$15


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