Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Guide Book (1987)

This 1987 main-gate map, sponsored by Eastman Kodak, provides a comprehensive overview of all attractions, shopping and dining options, and personal services found within the Magic Kingdom.

Changes to the map since the 1986 edition include the following:



Main Street Bakery and Cookie Shop to Main Street Bake Shop (Restaurants & Snacks)

Ice Cream Parlor to Plaza Ice Cream Parlor (Restaurants & Snacks)

Crystal Palace Restaurant to The Crystal Palace (Restaurants & Snacks)

Disney Clothiers to Disney Clothiers, Ltd. (Shops)

Market House to Main Street Market House (Shops)




The Elephant’s Trunk added (Shops)

Oriental Imports, Ltd. removed (Shops)

The Magic Carpet removed (Shops)




Diamond Horseshoe Revue to Diamond Horseshoe Jamboree (Attractions)

Aunt Polly’s to Aunt Polly’s Landing (Restaurants & Snacks)

Frontierland Churro Wagon to Frontierland Wagon (Restaurants & Snacks)

Frontierland Nacho Wagon to Nacho Wagon (Restaurants & Snacks)



Sleepy Hollow Refreshments to Sleepy Hollow (Restaurants & Snacks)

Liberty Square Baked Potato Wagon to Liberty Square Wagon (Restaurants & Snacks)

The Fife & Drum added (Restaurants & Snacks)

Mlle. Lafayette’s Parfumerie removed (Shops)

Yankee Trader Gourmet Culinary Aids to The Yankee Trader (Shops)




Fantasyland Theatre (open early 1988) added (Attractions)

Lancer’s Inn to Gurgi’s Munchies & Crunchies (Restaurants & Snacks)

Disneyana to Disneyana Shop (Shops)

The King’s Gallery to King’s Gallery (Shops)

The Royal Candy Shoppe to Royal Candy Shoppe (Shops)

Film-Photo Information to Kodak Kiosk (Shops)

Fantasyland Kiosk to Nemo’s Niche (Shop)




If You Had Wings to If You Could Fly (Attractions)

Tomorrowland Stage to Tomorrowland Theatre (Attractions)

Plaza Pavilion to The Plaza Pavilion (Restaurants & Shops)

VALUE: $10


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