Walt Disney World News (1973)


This December 1973 edition of the Walt Disney World News features cover stories on the park’s holiday offerings, as well as the opening of its latest attraction, Pirates of the Caribbean.

The publication’s origins date to mid-October 1971, when it actually served as the Magic Kingdom’s main-gate map. Later, the newspaper’s role extended to providing resort-wide news, rather than serving simply as an in-park guide. Guests could pick up their copy at any one of the resort’s hotels or from City Hall in the Magic Kingdom. The paper’s publishing schedule varied over the years, but it ran in some form or another for over two decades.

This particular issue, eight pages in length, still features a two-page spread doubling as guide-map to the Magic Kingdom, meant to serve as a supplement to the much-more-detailed versions produced by GAF at the time. Otherwise, the focus of the issue lies on the resort hotels found on or around property.



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