Magic Skyway World’s Fair Brochure (1964)

This brochure was distributed by Lincoln-Mercury car dealers to customers in promotion of the Ford-Motor-Company-sponsored pavilion at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair, and its spotlight attraction, Walt Disney’s Magic Skyway.

Ford initially brought in Disney to create an attraction for their “Wonder Rotunda” pavilion (one of four different pavilions that Disney created for the fair) that could compete with GM’s Futurama attraction, which was making its return (an updated version) after a successful run at the 1939-40 New York World’s Fair. Utilizing a ride system that would eventually lead to the development of Disneyland’s famed PeopleMover, guests of the Magic Skyway were seated in actual Ford-model cars and transported on a journey that spanned from the age of dinosaurs, to man’s invention of the wheel, and into a futuristic city of tomorrow. At fair’s end, the audio-animatronic dinosaurs were salvaged from the dismantled attraction and transported to Disneyland, where they became the stars of the Primeval World diorama along the route of the Disneyland Railroad, which debuted the summer after the fair.

The eight-paneled brochure follows the attraction’s storyline with text and illustrations, and also highlights the other aspects of the pavilion. There is also a version of the brochure, void of the Lincoln-Mercury mention on the front cover, used for general distribution.


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