New Fantasyland Expansion Flyer (1982)

This flyer was distributed to Disneyland guests in 1982-83, throughout construction of the “New Fantasyland” project.

The complete overhaul of Fantasyland, which took place from January 1982-May 1983, finally rendered the European-style, storybook setting that Walt Disney had initially intended for the area. Due to budget constraints and a strict construction schedule in the months leading up to Disneyland’s 1955 premiere, many of the original design elements for Fantasyland had been omitted. Most of the attraction facades were hastily thrown together under the guise of a thematic storyline centered on a traveling medieval fair. In order to at last fulfill Walt’s original wishes, as well as create a more manageable space, in terms of guest traffic, Walt Disney Imagineering undertook the year-and-a-half-long construction project. Their efforts culminated in the May 25 grand-opening celebration, during which the drawbridge of Sleeping Beauty Castle was lowered and guests were welcomed into Fantasyland for the second time in almost thirty years.

The primary changes to the area were as follows:

King Arthur Carrousel – location-change; landscaping and platform added


Peter Pan’s Flight – new building exterior; new animatronic additions


Snow White’s Adventures – name-change: Snow White’s Scary Adventures; new facade; scene and special-effect additions; Snow White figure added


Fantasyland Theatre – replaced with Pinocchio’s Daring Journey


Dumbo Flying Elephants – name-change: Dumbo the Flying Elephant; location-change


Captain Hook’s Galley (formerly Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship) and Skull Rock – removed


Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride – new building exterior; new queue and garden; track and scene additions


Mad Tea Party – location-change


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