Vacationland: Vol. V, No. 2 (1961)

This Summer 1961 issue of Vacationland features a cover shot of Snow White and her Prince, along with the Seven Dwarfs, welcoming a young guest to Fantasyland.

The Walt-Disney-Productions-published magazine, conceived by Disney Legend Marty Sklar, was a glorified advertisement for Disneyland, as well as other Southern-California tourist attractions. Local motel and hotel rooms were stocked with the complimentary publication, which featured articles on different aspects of Disneyland on a quarterly basis, and was supplemented with advertisements and brief articles on other tourist destinations both locally and beyond. Beginning in 1957, and originally titled Disneyland Holiday, the magazine enjoyed publication for several decades and even spawned a Walt Disney World version.

Highlights of this twenty-four-page edition (Vol. V, No. 2) include articles on Disneyland character appearances, the Upjohn Pharmacy on Main Street, an overview of the park’s many entertainment offerings, as well as a two-page, full-color photo-spread of scenes from around the Magic Kingdom.


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