Disneyland Big 10 Ticket Book Covers (1960)

These Adult and Junior Big 10 Ticket Books, with printing dates of June 1960, retain only the “Welcome to Disneyland” covers that fronted the attraction coupons.

The coupon ticket-book system, which was instituted shortly after the park’s opening in 1955, was completely phased out by the early 80s. These two early examples hold purchase prices of $3.75 and $3.25 for the adult and junior variety, respectively, and would have originally offered admission to three E-ticket attractions, three Ds, two Cs, and one B and A each, from the list of forty-six that can be found on the book’s interior cover. These are the first Disneyland ticket books to ever feature the Art of Animation exhibit in Tomorrowland, as well as both the Mine Train and Pack Mules through Nature’s Wonderland attractions.


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