Disney Magazine Final Issue (1977)



Tortoise & Hare

This final issue of Disney Magazine (not to be confused with the quarterly publication of the same name that ran from 1965-2005), was produced in conjunction with Procter & Gamble and available free with the purchase of specific products at grocery stores nationwide from May 1975-April 1977.

Each of the nineteen issues contained informational and entertaining articles, stories, and comics inspired mostly by Disney animated characters and films, but also live-action television shows and films, and even the occasional theme-park attraction.

Notably, the forty-eight-page April 1977 edition includes a cover photo and corresponding feature article by famed British actor, Sir Peter Ustinov, who starred in the Disney live-action films, Blackbeard’s Ghost, Treasure of Matecumbe, and One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing, as well as provided the voice of Prince John in the animated classic, Robin Hood.

Disney fans will also notice legendary Imagineer X. Atencio’s name included first on the list of this particular issue’s art contributors, located under the table of contents.


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