Your Guide to Disneyland: Summer (1966)

This Summer 1966 Your Guide to Disneyland booklet, produced by the Insurance Company of North America (INA), was distributed complimentary to park guests from the “Carefree Corner” area of Main Street, U.S.A.

The guide contains a comprehensive look at park services, attractions, dining, shopping, entertainment, and exhibits, and includes the following updates from the park’s 1965 offerings.


Additions: Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln (Main Street USA)—opened in Summer 1965; New Orleans Square; Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad (New Orleans Square); It’s a Small World (Fantasyland)

Deletions: Midget Autopia (Fantasyland)


No changes


Additions: The Blue Bayou Restaurant (New Orleans Square); The Creole Cafe (New Orleans Square); The French Market (New Orleans Square)


Additions: Main Street Gifts (Main Street USA); One-Of-a-Kind Shop (New Orleans Square); Le Gourmet (New Orleans Square); Laffite’s Silver Shop (New Orleans Square); Cristal d’Orleans (New Orleans Square); Mlle. Antoinette’s Parfumerie (New Orleans Square); Le Forgeron (New Orleans Square); Flower Stall (in the Grand Courtyard) (New Orleans Square); Mad Hatter (Tomorrowland)

Deletions: Fantasia Shop (Main Street USA); Calico Kate’s Pantry (Frontierland)



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