Disneyland Main-Gate Map (1965)

This 1965 Disneyland main-gate map commemorates the park’s “Tencennial Celebration,” marking a full decade of themed entertainment, the likes of which the world had never seen.

The copyright information for Walt Disney Productions can be found on the front panel, along with the official “Disneyland ’65 Tencennial Celebration” logo. The five themed cartoon figures, representing the lands of the park, again front the brochure, although enlarged and in different poses. The “Welcome to Disneyland” headline is retained, but in a new blue-gold color-scheme which persists throughout the publication, as well as five translated versions of the title in Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Japanese. The introductory text has been re-themed to the park’s anniversary milestone.

All of us in Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom hope that your visit today will be a happy and memorable one. We are particularly pleased to have you with us during our Tencennial Celebration—commemorating a Decade of Disneyland.


Since it opened on July 17, 1955, people from all fifty states and more than one hundred nations have come to be transported to the world of fun and fantasy in Disneyland. …We are glad that you are among them.


Your enjoyment of this and future visits is the first consideration of all Disneylanders.


As you explore Disneyland, we suggest that you keep this folder. As you explore Disneyland keep it handy for reference. The information it contains has been prepared to help make your visit as pleasant an experience as possible.


The Disneyland Staff











The three inside panels hold a completely overhauled map, on which each land is represented by a different shade of the brochure’s color-scheme. This year’s list of attractions includes the shift of Matterhorn Bobsleds from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland, and the re-branding of Tomorrowland’s Astrojet to Tomorrowland Jets.





ADVENTURELAND: Rivers of the World Jungle Boat Cruise; Swiss Family Tree House; Big Game Shooting Gallery; Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room


FANTASYLAND: King Arthur Carrousel; Sleeping Beauty Castle; Midget Autopia; Fantasyland Theatre; Case Jr. Circus Train; Dumbo Flying Elephants; Mad Tea Party; Peter Pan Flight; Storybook Land Canal Boats; Motor Boat Cruise; Alice in Wonderland; Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride; Snow White’s Adventures; Skyway to Tomorrowland; Fantasyland Autopia


MAIN STREET: Main Street Horse Cars; Main Street Cinema; Horse-Drawn Surreys; Fire Engines; Horseless Carriages; Omnibus; Penny Arcade; SF & D Excursion Train; SF & D Passenger Train; SF & D Freight Train


TOMORROWLAND: Art of Animation; 20,000 Leagues Exhibit; Tomorrowland Autopia; Skyway to Fantasyland; Tomorrowland Jets; Submarine Voyage; Monorail Trains; Moon Rocket; Flying Saucers; Matterhorn Bobsleds


FRONTIERLAND: Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland; Indian War Canoes; Mike Fink Keel Boats; Frontierland Shooting Gallery; Tom Sawyer Island Rafts; Columbia; The Mark Twain; Pack Mules through Nature’s Wonderland

The final two panels of the brochure include a listing of the park’s no-admission shows and exhibits, information on personal services for visitors, and a brief overview of the park’s available food and shopping options.

The changes to this year’s list of shows and exhibits include slight revisions to the introductory paragraph and attraction descriptions, as well as the re-addition of the “Special Shows and Exhibits” headline after a year’s absence from this panel, deletion of Yale & Towne from Main Street, and addition of Frontierland’s Pendleton Western Exhibit.



Your Disneyland admission includes access to Main Street, U.S.A. and the four “lands” and the many shows and exhibits sponsored by nationally famous companies presented free of charge within these areas.


On MAIN STREET be sure to visit these exhibits:


Eastman Kodak—Display of photographic equipment and free photo information.

North America Companies—Complete Tourist Information and Registration Center.

Upjohn Pharmacy—A detailed and accurate re-creation of an 1890 era drug store.

Swift’s Market House—The General Store of grandfather’s day, complete to package goods and party line wall telephones.

Wurlitzer Music Hall—Display of pianos and organs and daily organ concerts.


In FRONTIERLAND be sure to see:


Pepsi Cola Golden Horseshoe Revue—A way-out-west variety show with comedy, singing and dancing.

Pendleton Western Exhibit—A display of woolen apparel and accessories.




Monsanto’s House of the Future—“Years ahead” home shows how science will shape the dwelling of tomorrow.

Bell Telephone System—“America the Beautiful” shown in the unique Circarama film process, and the story of communications.

Monsanto Hall of Chemistry—Shows chemistry’s contributions to tomorrow’s life.

The list of personal services remains unchanged, besides slight revisions to some of the explanatory text.




You may obtain general information about Disneyland at City Hall on Main Street or from any Disneyland Security Officer. Information about public transportation schedules and other Southern California points of interest is available at North America Companies Carefree Corner on Main Street.


Baby Station:

Pablum Baby Foods provides free disposable diapers and foods for infants on East Plaza Street. Facilities are also available for preparing formula and warming bottles. Baby sitting is NOT available.


Stollers and Wheel Chairs:

Strollers and wheel chairs are available at a nominal rental for the day, at the east side of Town Square near the Main Entrance.



Located to the right of and outside the Main Entrance. You may leave your pet in an airy, individual enclosure at a cost of 25 cents for the day. The charge includes a choice of Ken-L-Ration pet food “dinner.”


Lost Children:

Facilities for the care of children separated from their parents are maintained at the end of East Plaza Street. The matron in charge will assist you.


First Aid:

Registered Nurses are on duty in the First Aid Center, adjacent to the Lost Children’s facility, end of East Plaza Street. Doctor and ambulance are available in emergencies.


Postage Stamps and Mail Service:

Stamps are available in vending machines located in each of the lands. Mail boxes for cards and letters are located throughout Disneyland. There is NO United States Post Office station located within Disneyland.


Public Telephones:

Located in each of the lands. Ask any Disneylander for the location of the one nearby.


Banking Service:

Bank of America provides service at its Town Square location every day Disneyland is open, including Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.


Locker Service:

Facilities for checking are located in the Global Van Lines building in Town Square, next to the Fire Station.


Rest Rooms:

Located in each of the lands. Any employee will direct you to the nearest one.

The last section has been updated to include shopping options. The various establishments are now grouped by land, rather than the nature of the dining experience, as in previous years. The list of food offerings includes shopping additions, one deletion, and three re-brandings.


Disneyland Emporium

Book and Candle Shop

Adventureland Bazaar

Tinkerbell’s Toy Shop


Cantina (2)


Plaza Gardens (1) to Carnation Plaza Gardens

Red Wagon Inn (Restaurant) (1) to Plaza Inn

Food Centers (4) to Snack Bars

Guide to Food, Refreshment, and Shopping in Disneyland


You will find every type of food and shopping service within the Park and at the Disneyland Hotel, opposite the Main Auto Exit. Here is a complete listing of these facilities for your information and guidance:


Main Street, U.S.A.


Carnation Ice Cream Parlor; Hills Bros. Coffee House and Garden; Carnation Plaza Gardens; Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner; Sunkist Citrus House; Plaza Inn; Plaza Pavilion; Disneyland Emporium; Book and Candle Shop




Sunkist, I Presume; Tahitian Terrace; Adventureland Bazaar




Pepsi-Cola’s Golden Horseshoe; Oaks Tavern; Malt Shop; Aunt Jemima’s Kitchen; Casa de Fritos




Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship; Snack Bars; Welch Grape Juice Arbor; Tinkerbell’s Toy Shop




Space Bar; Yacht Bar



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