Walt Disney Productions Decal (1960s)


This 1960s-era Walt Disney Productions decal features Mickey Mouse “painting” the company logo in the trademark script style.

The orange-colored triangular decal remains adhered to its original white-paper backing sheet, the reverse side of which includes manufacturing credits (The Durochrome Co., Inc., New York-Los Angeles).

This unused decal comes from the collection of longtime Disney employee, Jack Cutting. Cutting joined Walt’s staff all the way back in 1929, a time when the nineteen-man studio had just begun to gain momentum on the heels of the first Mickey Mouse cartoon releases. Cutting, who was given $18 a week and a key to the front door of the Hyperion Avenue studios, lent his talents to a number of Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphony shorts. He also helped pioneer the synchronization of sound and image on many of those early releases. A few years later, he became Walt’s first-ever assistant director (under Snow White-director Dave Hand), then took over directorial duties himself for 1938’s Farmyard Symphony. The next year, he directed the Oscar-winning short The Ugly Duckling. In 1941, Cutting traveled to South America with Walt Disney as part of the famed El Grupo, contributing to both Saludos Amigos and The Three Caballeros. Eventually relocating to the foreign offices, he oversaw dubbing and translation for the studio’s many film projects for many years. He eventually retired in 1975, after a forty-six-year career with the studio.

This unique studio collectible, courtesy of one of Walt’s original animators, is a reminder of the rich history and legacy on which today’s media-conglomerate powerhouse is built.


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