Walt Disney World News (1989)

This Fall 1989 edition of the Walt Disney World News features a cover story on the resort’s newest theme park, Disney-MGM Studios, which had opened just a few months prior.

The publication’s origins date to the opening of Walt Disney World in 1971, when it actually served as the Magic Kingdom’s very first main-gate map. Later, the newspaper’s role extended to providing resort-wide news, rather than serving simply as an in-park guide. Guests could pick up their copy at any one of the resort’s hotels or from City Hall in the Magic Kingdom. The paper’s publishing schedule varied over the years, but it ran in some form or another for over two decades.

This particular issue, four pages in length, features full-color photos and stories from around the resort, the focus, however, resting primarily on the Disney-MGM Studios, which opened its gates on May 1, 1989. The contents of the issue, along with a brief description of each article, are as follows.



“Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!’” – an overview of the highlight attractions and restaurants of the new park


“See a Star Today and Everyday” – see a real-life Hollywood star at one of many hand-print ceremonies taking place at the park’s Chinese Theatre this fall




“Pleasure Island—Nighttime Entertainment So Hot It Sizzles” – an overview of the party district’s club offerings


“Typhoon Lagoon Beats the Beach” – information on the brand-new water park, which debuted June 1, 1989




“’llumiNations’ Lights World Showcase” – don’t miss EPCOT Center’s dazzling nighttime spectacular


“Discover the Advantages Of an Annual Passport” – experience the magic of Disney year-round




“’Dreamflight’ Opens at Tomorrowland” – ride the newest attraction at the Magic Kingdom, which opened June 23, 1989


“Disney Dinner Shows WOW Guests” – world-class entertainment at the resort hotels


“Wonders of Life Scheduled to Open” – don’t miss EPCOT Center’s newest pavilion, opening October 19, 1989


“Ticket Information & Operating Hours” Sidebar

This edition of the Walt Disney World News is chock-full of new happenings around the resort, a testament to the ever-changing, always-exciting vacation empire that grew out of Walt Disney’s original dream.

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