Walt Disney’s Song of Frontierland Little Golden Record (1956)

This 78 RPM Little Golden Record, titled “Walt Disney’s Song of Frontierland,” was released in 1956 to help promote the newly-opened Disneyland.

The record, which originally retailed for a quarter, was second in a set of four coinciding with Disneyland’s four primary lands (excluding the fifth, Main Street, U.S.A.):

Fantasyland – “Walt Disney’s Song of Fantasyland” (D300)


Frontierland – “Walt Disney’s Song of Frontierland” (D301)


Tomorrowland – “Walt Disney’s Song of Tomorrowland (D302)


Adventureland – “Walt Disney’s Song of Adventureland (D303)

Side A contains Part One of the track (1:07), which is composed by Norman Luboff and Marilyn Keith, while Side B features Part Two (1:32).

The cover sleeve, in addition to the Walt Disney Productions copyright, boasts the issue’s title and artwork, which depicts Frontierland as it existed in a young Disneyland. The area, made especially popular by the Western segments on the Disneyland television show, featuring such characters as Davy Crockett and Zorro, included attractions like the Davy Crockett Museum, Mark Twain River Boat, Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad, Shooting Gallery, and Stagecoach and Conestoga Wagon Rides. The major addition of Tom Sawyer Island also opened to guests in the park’s second season. The record’s back cover includes a list of other available releases from Golden Records, as well as publication information (Simon and Schuster, New York City).

This nod to one of Walt Disney’s favorite areas in the park represents a nice musical collectible that transports the listener back to both the Old West and the earliest days of Disneyland.


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