Summer Magic Promotional Record (1963)





This 45 RPM record, released in 1963 to coincide with the premiere of Walt Disney’s Summer Magic, features a sampling of the film’s hit soundtrack scored by Richard and Robert Sherman.

A promotion, sponsored by Buena Vista Records and Alcoa Wrap, allowed customers, for the cost of thirty-five cents plus proof of purchase of a box of aluminum foil, to send away for this specially-made record, which features abbreviated and re-mixed versions of the film’s songs.

Side One of the record includes the following tracks:

“Summer Magic” – Marilyn Hooven (2:01)

“Flitterin’” – Hayley Mills-Eddie Hodges (1:11)

“Beautiful Beulah” – Hayley Mills-Eddie Hodges (1:04)

“Ugly Bug Ball” – Burl Ives (:54)

Side Two of the record includes the following tracks:

“On the Front Porch” – Burl Ives (:55)

“Pink of Perfection” – Hayley Mills-Eddie Hodges (:35)

“Femininity” – Hayley Mills-Deborah Walley (:52)

The film itself, a loose musical adaptation of the 1911 novel, Mother Carey’s Chickens, by Kate Douglas Wiggin, was released on July 7, 1963. It tells the story of a widow and her three children who leave the city for the promise of a new start in the Maine countryside. With the help of the town’s lovable postmaster, the family fixes up an old house, the owner of which has been living abroad for years, and settles into a happy life. Their bliss, however, is seemingly jeopardized when the owner unexpectedly returns. The soundtrack features all of the principal cast, save Peter Mathers, who plays the youngest Carey child, and mother Dorothy McGuire, whose vocals were overdubbed by Marilyn Hooven.

This exclusive promotional record from the release of Summer Magic represents a unique memento of not only the classic Disney film, but another hit soundtrack by the iconic Sherman Brothers.


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