Walt Disney’s Vacation in Disneyland Comic Book (1958)

This August 1958 Dell “Giant Comic,” entitled “Walt Disney’s Vacation in Disneyland” (Issue No. 1) feature Mickey Mouse and the gang in six different adventures around the various lands of the Magic Kingdom.

Dell Comics (1929-74), once the world’s largest comics publisher, was responsible for the publication of many Disney titles over the years. This particular issue (100 pages, including covers), from what collectors refer to as the Silver Age of Comic Books (1956-69), features cover art portraying an array of Disney animated characters on the park’s Skyway attraction and contents which include the following stories:

FRONTIERLAND: Donald Duck with Huey, Dewey, & Louie in “Keelboat to Kickapoo”


FANTASYLAND: Mickey and Goofy in “The Captured Castle”


MAIN STREET, U.S.A.: Grandma and Uncle Scrooge in “Main Street Mishap”


ADVENTURELAND: Chip ‘n’ Dale in “The Small-Fry Safari”


STORYBOOK LAND: Morty, Ferdie, and Pluto in “The Rapid Rescue”


TOMORROWLAND: Minnie and Daisy in “Visit to Venus”

In addition, a back section entitled “Funland” is included that features various puzzles and activities, again themed to various Disneyland offerings.

This comic represents a fun collectible from the early years of Disneyland that uniquely places the cast of classic Disney characters into the context of the park’s lands and attractions for an enjoyable and entertaining result.


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