Disneyland Ticket Book Flyer (1960)

This Disneyland flyer provides guests the ticket book options and prices for the park’s 1960 season, as well as promotes the first-ever “Dixieland at Disneyland” event.

The flyer’s front cover boasts the following warning to Disneyland visitors: IMPORTANT! Please Read Before Purchasing Tickets, while the main page goes on to offer a thorough explanation of the nature and function of ticket books (which first debuted three months after Disneyland’s opening) and the two available purchase options in 1960—the Big 10 Ticket Book and the Jumbo 15 Ticket Book—along with mentions of some of the park’s more recent additions, including the “new for 1960 Mine Train and Pack Mules through Nature’s Wonderland.” The price-breakdown of each is as follows:

THE BIG 10 TICKET BOOK (You receive admission to Disneyland and admission to 10 Disneyland attractions)


ADULT…($5.05 VALUE)…PRICE $3.75


JUNIOR…($4.65 VALUE)…PRICE $3.25


CHILD…($3.60 VALUE)…PRICE $2.75


THE JUMBO 15 TICKET BOOK (You receive admission to Disneyland and admission to 15 Disneyland attractions)


ADULT…($6.50 VALUE)…PRICE $4.75


JUNIOR…($6.10 VALUE)…PRICE $4.25


CHILD…($4.90 VALUE)…PRICE $3.75

 The back panel is dedicated to advertising and ticketing information for Disneyland’s inaugural “Dixieland at Disneyland” event, which would be held Saturday, October 1, 1960, from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. Advance tickets could be purchased for $4.50, and went up to $5.50 the day of the event. The ad describes the event as follows:

Don’t Miss the Swingin’est, Syncopatin’est Evening Since the Birth of the Blues!


One Night Only! Saturday, October 1: Dixieland at Disneyland, 8 PM ‘Til 1 AM


(Disneyland will close at the regular hour of 7 P.M. on October 1 and re-open at 8 P.M. for the Special Dixieland at Disneyland Party.)


“Salute to Dixieland”


Special One Hour Show – 9 PM, Rivers of America in Frontierland


Thrill to the melodies of the world’s greatest Dixieland bands as they float down the Rivers of America aboard rafts…be entertained as all the Dixieland greats assemble in a mass musical treat from the top deck of the Mark Twain…and, when “The Saints Come Marchin’ In,” a spectacular aerial fireworks display.

Admission to the event included admission to the park and all attractions, the “Salute to Dixieland” show, as well as dancing throughout the evening at six different locations around Disneyland.

Participants in the first edition of the event, which would run annually through 1970, included the Disneyland Strawhatters, Teddy Buckner, Joe Darensbourg and the Dixie Flyers, The Elliott Bros. and the Dixie Dandies, Pete Kelly’s Original 7, and Bob Crosby and the Bob Cats. (Louis Armstrong would headline the following year’s event, and several times thereafter.)

This vintage Disneyland flyer provides a look at the ticketing options in the park’s sixth year of operation, as well as celebrates the beginning of a memorable Disneyland mainstay throughout the 1960s that would contribute to the park’s rich history in offering world-class entertainment to its guests.


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