Disneyland Informational Brochure (1956)



This 1956 brochure titled “Information for Your Visit to Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom” features a dozen full-color photographs of the park and was made available in various Southern California locations throughout the park’s second season of operation.

The front cover of the eight-panel brochure features the title and Disneyland logo displayed across a cartoon flag, flown by none other than Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Accompanying are various sketches representing the five lands of the park, along with a brief introduction to each. Of interest is the blurb about Tomorrowland, which describes the area as Disney’s hypothetical look at life in 1987, up a year from the park’s 1955 copy that dated the land’s offerings to 1986. The bottom of the panel includes the Walt Disney Productions copyright.

Disneyland is an entirely new concept in family entertainment. It is 60 acres of Fun, Thrills and Excitement. Pictured on these pages are a few of the adventures which await you at Disneyland…in Tomorrowland, blueprint of the future, of space stations and rocket ships in 1987…Adventureland, the “wonder world of nature’s own design”…Fantasyland, where childhood stories become realities for the young at heart of all ages…Frontierland, depicting the story of a young and enterprising nation and a pioneer people moving Westward…Main Street, U.S.A., small-town America at the turn of the century…all these are DISNEYLAND, “The Happiest Place on Earth”.

The four interior panels, labeled “A Few Pictorial Scenes of Your Tour through the Magic Kingdom,” provide readers a look at twelve color photographs of scenes from around the park, such as Sleeping Beauty Castle, the Rivers of America, Adventureland Bazaar, and the Disneyland Band.

Also included is a two-panel map of Southern California, showing all major routes to and from Disneyland, as well as an explanatory section of text that highlights several of the specific attractions, including Tom Sawyer Island, which was new to the park in ’56.

A Few Highlights of Your Visit to Disneyland


Disneyland is Walt Disney’s 20-year Dream Come True. Since its opening in mid-Summer of 1955, millions of visitors from all over the world have found entertainment, adventure, wholesome family fun, excitement and historical education in Disneyland’s many realms…on Main Street, U.S.A., re-creation of a small American town at the turn of the century. Here you board a horse-drawn trolley or surrey, a 1905 “horseless carriage” or double-decked bus. Browse through stores and shops, operating as did their 1900 counterparts: a drug store, meat market, ice cream parlor and many others…just a few steps away is Tomorrowland, preview world of the future, where TWA’s “Rocket to the Moon” blasts off for a simulated trip into outer space, and scale sized autos travel over the Autopia Freeway of the Future. Vist Monsanto’s “House of the Future,” a plastic, push-button dream home. See America from Space Station X-1, 500 miles out in space. Futuristic exhibits and shows line Tomorrowland’s avenues…the Skyway, gliding high above Disneyland, will take you to Fantasyland, the gay, happy realm of storybook classics come to life. Fly over moonlit London with Peter Pan, visit the Diamond Mine of the Seven Dwarfs, view the wonderful miniature world of Storybook Land. And inside the famous Fantasyland castle, see the ageless story of Sleeping Beauty told through special techniques developed by Walt Disney artists…the log stockade calls you to Frontierland, tribute to our pioneer past. Stagecoach, Conestoga Wagon and mule pack journeys await you on Rainbow Desert. See the breathtaking color waterfalls of Rainbow Caverns aboard a Mine Train. Cruise on the steamboat Mark Twain, or board log rafts to reach Tom Sawyer Island for adventures in Injun Joe’s Cave, Fort Wilderness, the tree house, dark passageways and on the Suspension Bridge…visit Adventureland, the mysterious world of the tropics. An explorer’s boat takes you along jungle rivers for exciting encounters with simulated alligators, giraffes, hippos, native savages and waterfalls. Browse through the Bazaar for curio shopping and to see decorative and unique items from all over the world…all these adventures and many more are yours at DISNEYLAND, Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

The back panel includes a number of Frequently Asked Questions with answers that provide all the basic information needed to plan a visit to Disneyland, including hours, admission, accommodations, dining options, and transportation. Of note is the decrease in adult general admission price to Disneyland from 1955. A Federal repeal on admission taxes prompted the cut from the opening-day price of $1.00 down to $.90, the one and only price decrease in the history of the park.

This vintage park brochure represents a great example of the highly-collectible ephemera that came out of Disneyland in its first years, offering a great deal of informational text and snapshots of its earliest attractions.


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