“Welcome to Disneyland” Main-Gate Map (1955)



This 1955 main-gate map was the first ever to be published and distributed in Disneyland. This particular copy was obtained by a visiting family on Monday, August 22, 1955, the start of the park’s sixth week of operation. The 1955 copyright information for Disneyland, Inc. can be found on both the front panel, as well as the interior map section.

Panel One includes the “Welcome to Disneyland” headline, an open-armed Doc (of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs fame) standing alongside Sleeping Beauty Castle, as well as the following text:

This is your personal map for the Kingdom of Happiness – Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom – Disneyland.


This is the kingdom that was created for YOU – and your personal happiness.


All of us – Disneyland’s Hosts and Hostesses – are dedicated to making your first – and subsequent visits – a very pleasant and treasured experience.


Disneyland was created and designed as a new concept in family entertainment – something for everyone, of every age. Here is the world of Tomorrow, and Yesterday – and Fantasy and Adventure skillfully blended in every detail for your pleasure and enjoyment.


As Disneylander’s we are proud to play a part in creating happiness for you and your family. Whatever we can do to make this visit more enjoyable – won’t you please let us help you.

The inside panels of the quad-fold brochure feature a sketched rendering of Disneyland, along with an excerpt from Walt Disney’s official dedication speech, a map-key and brief informational blurb on the park’s personal services, and the directive to young guests to “Take home this map and color it after your visit to Disneyland.”



Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past…and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America…with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world.


July 17, 1955 (Official dedication plaque located at flagpole in Town Square on Main Street)


Your Personal Guide to Disneyland


There are five main areas in Disneyland, and several other important features which you can locate handily by referring to this map. Study the attached legend for a more enjoyable visit to this Magic Kingdom: 1. Main Entrance and Exit 2. Town Square 3. Main Street 4. The Plaza 5. Adventureland 6. Frontierland 7. Fantasyland 8. Tomorrowland




    A. Lost children – A Headquarters for Lost Children and Parents is maintained at               City Hall in Town Square. It is staffed by experienced attendants who maintain a             special playground for the youngsters. If your child becomes lost, call directly at            City Hall.


         First Aid – A complete First Aid Station is located in the City Hall on Town Square.          A doctor and registered nurses are always in attendance.


        Security – Security Officers are stationed throughout Disneyland. The                                 Headquarters is in the City Hall on Town Square.


   B. Rest Room – There are women’s and men’s rest rooms on Main St. as well as in              Frontierland, Fantasyland, Adventureland and Tomorrowland. They are easily                identified by signs.

The final three panels include rather lengthy descriptions of the wonders awaiting guests in each of the park’s five lands (and accompanying sketches), as well as a feature dedicated to the park’s dining options.



Described by Walt Disney as the “heart line of America,” Main Street, U.S.A. is an exact replica of a small town main street in that happy era from 1890 to 1910. Complete in every detail, from the horse-drawn streetcars which trundle up Main Street to the fire department’s turn-of-the century hose and chemical wagon, “powered” by real fire horses. You’ll see and visit all of the 1900 period business enterprises on Main Street, the photographer’s shop, ice cream parlor, bakery, meat market and grocery, bank, music shop, drug store and many others – all operating exactly as they did 50 years ago.




Those romantic, tropical far-away places that all of us year to see, await your visit in Adventureland. A Tahitian trading post provides an exotic threshold for this wonder-world of Nature’s own design. Here you’ll marvel at the display of tropical flowers, birds, fish and native handicraft gathered from all latitudes. An adventurous cruise in an explorer’s boat, over the tropical rivers of the world is a highlight of Adventureland. On this exciting trip, you’ll thrill to life-like wild animals, reptiles, birds, monkeys and even native savages. Your boat ventures under a real waterfall as you admire the tropical plants and foliage gathered from all over the world. Truly, an adventure to remember is Adventureland.




Frontierland is where you’ll actually “live” America’s colorful and historic past. You enter Frontierland through the gates of an old log fort – past leather stockinged frontiersmen and Indians of many tribes, gathered at the entrance. All the stores and buildings, reminiscent of this period, line the board walk of the town. At the blacksmith shop, you’ll watch ponies being shod – next door you’ll see the harness maker at work and across the street the ever-famous general store.


How about “hopping” a freight train? At the Frontierland station, you can board a scaled down version of an old-time Santa Fe and Disneyland “iron horse,” and ride in the freight car (comfortably provided with special seats) for an exciting ride around the perimeter of the park. You can board a buckboard, Conestoga Wagon or Concord Stage to ride by the Marshal’s office, the jail, assay office and other frontier enterprises, including an exciting trip through the Painted Desert. The Golden Horseshoe, “longest little bar with the tallest glassful of pop,” faces a river dock in Frontierland. From here you can board a 105 foot paddle-wheeler steamboat for a cruise on the rivers of America.




The daring land of dreams and hopes, upon which the future rests. You’ll see the giant pylon-like TWA space rocket; visit buildings of advanced architectural design; participate in American industries’ imaginative and exciting exhibits – all demonstrating what the future holds for everyone.


Among Tomorrowland’s exhibits will be an advance motion picture development, Circarama, consisting of continuous images focused on a 360° screen; the three billion year story of the universe from the time the earth was a flaming globe whirling endlessly through space; and a story on oil production with a 40 foot diorama of the Long Beach area for the setting. You’ll see an enormous kaleidoscope of color, a gigantic aluminum telescope; a futuristic conception of American home appliances and installations.


A court of Honor will grace the center of Tomorrowland, flying flags of each state and the American flag. Tape recordings will be used instead of the customary register to identify guests. The Jules Verne Exhibit (“20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”) will also be an attraction in Tomorrowland.


Here young drivers-to-be will learn future driving techniques on freeways of the future, and enjoy speedboat excursions through an island-dotted waterway. From Tomorrowland you may have an aerial view of America by boarding a space station which, theoretically, travels in an orbit 500 miles above the earths surface; or you may be a passenger in a TWA Rocket making a round trip to the moon.


In short, all of man’s dreams of the future are realities in Tomorrowland at Disneyland.




A world of imagination – come to life. You’ll cross a drawbridge to enter Fantasyland through the portals of a medieval castle with towers and parapets rising dizzily above you. In Fantasyland you’ll take the Peter Pan ride aboard a pirate galleon that soars over moonlit London to Never Land, home of Mermaids, Buccaneers, Indians and Lost Boys, and flit through the Darling home; take the Snow White ride and meet the Seven Dwarfs, the Wicked Witch, who will offer you a poisoned apple, and all the other characters of this immortal classic. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride runs through a series of misadventures in a 1903 vintage automobile, knocking over a cow and crashing into a barn; you’ll travel through the “Pearly Gates” to the sounds of heavenly music. Other gay, novel amusements of Fantasyland are based on cartoon or story book characters that Walt Disney has brought to screen life. Dumbo, the Flying Elephant, a breath-taking aerial ride, the Mad Tea Party, King Arthur Carousel with 72 gorgeous steeds, the Casey Jr. circus train, Canal Boats of America, England, France and fabulous attractions.


LET’S DINE at Disneyland


A wide variety of appetizing food and refreshments are available for your enjoyment in Disneyland.


Each “land,” as well as Main Street and the Plaza, features restaurants and refreshment stands for your easy convenience and pleasure. All are operated by specialists, world famous for fine things to eat and drink.


Depending on the type of food and service you desire, costs range from modest to moderate.


There’s a wide list to choose from, too – for every taste and budget…so make your choice and “LET’S DINE AT DISNEYLAND”


Aunt Jemima Pancake House – Frontierland

Pavilion – The Plaza

Carnation Ice Cream Parlor – Main Street

Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship – Fantasyland

Coca Cola Fountain – Main Street

Frito House – Frontierland

Hamburger Shops – Fantasyland, Frontierland and Tomorrowland

Malt Shop – Frontierland

Maxwell House (Coffee Shop) – Main Street

Pepsi Cola Golden Horseshoe Bar – Frontierland

Puffin Bake Shop – Main Street

Swift’s Chicken Plantation – Frontierland

Swift’s Red Wagon Inn – The Plaza

Space Bar – Tomorrowland

Tropical Bar – Adventureland

Welch’s Refreshment Stand – Fantasyland

This very first iteration of the famous Disneyland main-gate maps represents one of the most basic, yet essential, of the opening-day collectibles.



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