Signed Disneyland Mad Tea Party Print (2014)

This color print, featuring Fantasyland’s Mad Tea Party attraction, has been hand-signed by Alice (in Wonderland) herself, Ms. Kathryn Beaumont.

The iconic spinning tea-cups, based on the 1951 Disney classic Alice in Wonderland have been a hallmark of the park since the Magic Kingdom’s debut on July 17, 1955. This photo print of the attraction, as it appeared in the early years of Disneyland, includes a personalized inscription and signature from Kathryn Beaumont, the young actress who both voiced and served as the live-action model for the film’s animated protagonist, making reference to “The Unbirthday Song,” which is featured in the sequence of the film from which the attraction’s theming is derived:

For [X-EDITED-X] with best wishes,


Kathryn Beaumont



“A very merry unbirthday, to you, to you!”

The British-born Beaumont made her acting debut at the age of six in 1944’s It Happened One Sunday. It was her role in On an Island With You, four years later, however, that prompted Walt Disney to cast her in the lead role of his upcoming feature, Alice in Wonderland. Upon seeing the adorable child star in person, and witnessing her acting abilities firsthand, he also recruited her to double as the reference model for the Alice character. Her memorable performance led to a follow-up role as Wendy in the studio’s very next feature, Peter Pan. Beaumont did a bit of television acting in the years immediately following the Disney roles for which she would forever be known, but eventually settled into a career in education as an elementary-school teacher for three decades. She was named a Disney Legend in 1998 for her major contribution to the success of two of Disney’s most beloved animated features of all time, and would continue to voice both Alice and Wendy for miscellaneous projects until her retirement in 2005.

This Disneyland photo print, signed and personalized by Disney Legend Kathryn Beaumont, is a unique memento representing not only the classic feature and the resulting much-loved attraction, but the talented young actress who’s since taken decades’ worth of audiences along on her memorable journey into Wonderland.

VALUE: $20


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