Disneyland Souvenir Letter (1955)


This Disneyland-themed letter, with accompanying envelope, is one of a limited number of opening-day souvenirs available for purchase at the park in 1955.

The tri-folded letter, created by Bob Dickey under his Humorized Products brand, and licensed by Walt Disney Productions, features color drawings representing each of the park’s five themed lands—Main Street, U.S.A., Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland—as well as a full page of printed text meant to emulate handwritten script that provides a firsthand account of a first-visit to Disneyland. Blank spaces are left both in the salutation and closing to be filled in accordingly, should the buyer have wished to send the letter. Likewise, the envelope, which features the Disneyland heading and an image of Tinker Bell above the park in the return-address section, is otherwise left blank for personalization and postage. In addition, five other letter-envelope sets, each specific to a different park “land,” were available at various shops around Disneyland. This letter, the first in the set, which provides a general overview of the entire park in terms of text and artwork, reads as follows:


Anaheim, California


Hi _____________________


This is it! This is really it! Yesterday, today and tomorrow all rolled into one. There is nothing like it!


The only place in the world where I can stand with tears of laughter in eyes that are pop-eyed with wonder. Everything is on a 5/8 scale except our smiles. They are full scale! Such a wealth of entertainment at so little cost!


I forgot the outside world when I stepped inside Disneyland. One minute I was looking at grandpa’s tintype and the next minute I was soaring above the earth in a space rocket.


I bounced across a sandy desert in a stage coach and then watched the shores of the Mississippi glide past as I rode the mighty river boat “Mark Twain.”


My store house of memories will be overflowing when I leave Disneyland. I feel weary but wonderful because I know that some day I am going to return to Walt Disney’s fabulous wonderland of fun.


Just wait until you see it.


Yours, _____________________

This unique and well-preserved souvenir from the opening of Disneyland provides a fun and interesting glimpse into a “fabulous wonderland”—the likes of which no one had ever seen.

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