Day at Disneyland Ticket Book Flyer (1956)


This original park flyer was printed in conjunction with the company’s 1956 addition of “D” Tickets to the Disneyland ticketing structure.

The Day at Disneyland coupon-style ticket books were initially introduced just three months after the park’s opening on October 11, 1955, and included “ride coupons” for attractions classified as either “A,” “B,” or “C,” based upon the nature of the attraction and its popularity. In 1956, however, with the addition of several new attractions to the park, including among other things the Astro JetSkyway between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, Rainbow Cavern Mine Train and Indian War Canoes of Frontierland, as well as the stand-alone Tom Sawyer Island, an additional, higher level was added. (The famed “E” category wouldn’t appear until 1959). Furthermore, some pre-existing attractions were shuffled and re-classified, rendering the updated groupings as follows:

A TICKETS (3 included in ticket book):


Main Street Horse Cars, DMC Horseless Carriage, Surreys or Wagons, Fire Wagon, Main Street Cinema, 20,000 Leagues Exhibit, Space Station X-1, King Arthur Carrousel


B TICKETS (2 included in ticket book):


Shooting Gallery, Skyway to Fantasyland, Mad Tea Party, Keller’s Jungle Killers, Skyway to Tomorrowland, Dumbo Flying Elephant, Mickey Mouse Theatre, Conestoga Wagons


C TICKETS (2 included in ticket book):


Autopia, Astro Jet, Tomorrowland Boats, Peter Pan Flight, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Casey Jr., Circus Train, Snow White, Mike Fink Keel-Boats


D TICKETS (3 included in ticket book):


Passenger Train, Rocket to the Moon, Story-book Land, Rainbow Caverns Mine Train, Rainbow Ridge Pack Mules, Rainbow Mt. Stage Coaches, Mark Twain, Freight Train, Tom Sawyer Island Rafts, Indian War Canoes, Jungle River Boats

The ten individual coupons, sold as the 1956 version of the Day at Disneyland ticket books, were priced at $3.00 for adults, $2.50 for juniors (or servicemen and clergy), and $2.00 for children. While one side of the flyer provides pricing information and attraction classifications, the other serves as an advertisement for that year’s offerings, complete with text and graphics:

Don’t miss the spectacular new Disneyland attractions. Exciting TOM SAWYER’S ISLAND in Frontierland; picturesque STORYBOOK LAND in Fantasyland; fantastic RAINBOW CAVERNS MINE TRAIN in Frontierland; the thrilling SKYWAY in Tomorrowland and Fantasyland. All these wonderful new rides are included in Day at Disneyland Ticket Books.

The ad goes on to list pricing for individual admission tickets, which remained unchanged from 1955 (one of only two years in the park’s history that admission prices would not rise), along with hours, the Disneyland logo and 1956 Walt Disney Productions copyright, and of course the park’s slogan, billing Walt’s California Dream as “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

This flyer represents an important step forward in the Disneyland ticketing system with the advent of a fourth attraction category and also documents the now-historical phenomenon of an annual pricing plateau for what has since become one of the Most Expensive Places on Earth.



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