Walt Disney World Opening Day Ticket Book (1971)

This original adult ticket book from October 1971, as indicated by the date-stamp on the inside cover, features examples of Tickets A-E, as well as the detached Transportation Ticket.

The ticket has a listed purchase price of $5.75 and would have entitled its holder to eleven “adventures,” spread across twenty-eight different attractions, grouped in the following lettered categories (based on degree of “thrill”):

E COUPON (1 of 4 remaining)


Fantasyland: It’s a Small World; 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Submarine Voyage); The Mickey Mouse Revue


Adventureland: Jungle Cruise; Tropical Serenade


Liberty Square: The Haunted Mansion



D COUPON (2 of 3 remaining)


Main Street: WDW Railroad Trains/Grand Circle Tour


Tomorrowland: Skyway to Fantasyland; Flight to the Moon


Fantasyland: Skyway to Tomorrowland


Frontierland: Country Bear Jamboree


Liberty Square: The Hall of Presidents; Adm. Joe Fowler River Boat



C COUPON (2 of 2 remaining)


Tomorrowland: Grand Prix Raceway


Fantasyland: Dumbo, the Flying Elephant; Peter Pan’s Flight; Snow White’s Adventures; Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride; Mad Tea Party


Frontierland: Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes



B COUPON (1 of 1 remaining)


Main Street: Main Street Cinema


Frontierland: Frontierland Shootin’ Gallery; Mike Fink Keelboats


Adventureland: Swiss Family Island Treehouse



A COUPON (1 of 1 remaining)


Main Street: Omnibus; Horse Cars; Main Street Vehicles


Fantasyland: Cinderella’s Golden Carousel

The coupon ticket-book system, which had existed at Disneyland since shortly after its opening in 1955, was eventually phased out at both parks beginning in the late 1970s with alternative “unlimited ride” options offered concurrently. By the early 80s, the ticket books were no longer available for purchase at all.

In addition to the coupons themselves, the inside cover of this first-generation WDW ticket book provides a checklist of all attractions, as well as a note of explanation on use of the Transportation Ticket, while the back cover features both the Magic Kingdom and ticket-book logos and pricing information, as well as the all-important date-stamp and Globe Ticket identification marks. The front of the booklet displays the following introductory text:

Welcome to Walt Disney World and The Magic Kingdom


We hope that you and your family will enjoy your stay in the Vacation Kingdom here at Walt Disney World. A multitude of Recreational-Leisure activities is yours to enjoy. This Ticket Book is your Passport to many wonderful adventures in the Magic Kingdom. May your stay be a pleasant one and may you return and visit us again soon.


Walt Disney Productions

In a brand-new, unused ticket book, the introductory coupon would have been covered by an attached Transportation Ticket, as well as a Magic Kingdom Main Gate Admission Coupon, for initial entrance into the park.

This earliest example of the famed attraction-coupon ticket books from Walt Disney World makes for a rare and memorable collectible from a bygone era in the company’s (as well as the theme-park industry’s) history.


14 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Opening Day Ticket Book (1971)

    1. Hi Patricia,

      Those would date back to 1974 or 75, depending on whether you’ve got the 8-Adventure or 10-Adventure versions. The Magic Key booklets generally don’t go for as much money, one reason being because of the more generic-looking coupons inside rather than the individually lettered, colored, and staggered coupons that most people associate with the vintage ticket books. Depending on the condition and how many coupons remain intact, I would say $20 a piece is probably a high estimate of what you could get out of them.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I was there, October 2nd.1971,it was their Grand Opening! I was 17 years old. I distinctly remembering the total ticket price was 7$.That got you admitted to the Magic kingdom and included lettered tickets for the different attractions.


  2. I was a crane operator at Walt Disney World when it was under construction. As a token of their appreciation, the company that I worked for gave us admission tickets for opening day. I have the
    letter that came with the tickets from Buena Vista Construction Company and two complete Ticket Books. The ticket book number are ST448037 & ST448038, and in mint condition. To the best of my knowledge, these tickets books are the first tickets, because the back of the book it states, Adult price $4.75, (a value $7.65). They are 50 years old this year. I may sell them at the right price, let see what happens.


  3. Hey, Bud! Thanks for stopping by. Very cool that you helped build the resort! How many “adventures” are included in the ticket books? The 11-adventure ticket from the park’s opening (pictured above) would have been slightly higher in price than a 7- or 9-adventure ticket. Perhaps you have one of those? Awesome mementos from the park’s opening!


    1. Hello, sorry about the late reply, your response went in my junk folder and I didn’t see it. The books I have are numbered ST448037 & ST448038. They have the Transportation ticket on the cover and Main Gate and Welcome to Walt Disney World and The Magic Kingdom and Tickets A-E. I have not been able to get up a real estimate as to what the tickets are worth, do you have any idea? Thank you for the reply. Bud


      1. When I see these early tickets pop up online, they’re usually a few hundred dollars each. Though, yours would be worth a bit more considering provenance (personally gifted to you as an employee who worked on the park, as documented by the company-issued thank you letter), sequential numbering of the two tickets, as well as the fact that both still retain their main-gate coupons (meaning that despite their age, they are still valid for park admission).


  4. Bud. I just saw on eBay…you’re gonna make a fortune. Sell the letter, too, and add $500 to your price. You have won the jackpot.


    1. Hello Lynn, sorry about the late reply, your response went in my junk folder and I didn’t see it.
      until today. I have not been able to get a real estimate as to what the tickets are worth, do you have any idea? Thank you for the reply.


    2. Hi Lynn, I would like find out what the real value would be, but I don’t know who to talk with that can give me a fair value. If you know of anyone that can help with that, I would be very thankful for your help.
      Thank you,


      1. Hi Bud,

        I have 3 of the same ticket books in consecutive order. Looked on eBay and a 1971 ticket book sold for about $2,000. But it didn’t look like the October 1971 ticket book, it didn’t have the Transportation ticket on the front. The October 1971 ticket book can be confirmed by the number 7110 on the inside of the back cover. The number is between Walt Disney Productions and Globe Ticket on the bottom. The first two numbers 71 refers to 1971 and the last two 10 refers to October the tenth month.


      2. Thank you for the information, my two ticket books do have the transportation cover and the numbers on the back page 7110 are printed on the last page, these are the originals. I would consider selling them. Again, thank you for your help.

        Sent from my iPhone


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